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Vox Messenger is a new and secure, end-2-end encrypted, free alternative to other popular chat messenger apps. VxM is a real-time chatting app with groups and voice messages functionality. Also featuring true message burning and screenshot protection.
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I created Vox Messenger because I, like so many, were fed up with corporations abusing our personal life data. Because of the recent revelations concerning the security and ethics of Facebook and WhatsApp I decided it was time to create an alternative. The alternative is completely end-2-end encrypted and has some amazing features. For example, our encryption implementation is over 200x stronger than RSA standard, as well as true handset and transit/storage server level message deletion. We also feature screenshot/screen-recording protection across the entire app. This means no more people can screenshot your pictures or conversations. Let's take a look at some of the features. WHAT IS VOX MESSENGER? Vox Messenger is a new and secure, encrypted, free alternative to other popular chat messenger apps. VxM is a real-time complete chatting app with groups and voice messages functionality. You can send pictures, audio, video, contact details, map location, voice messages, a user can create groups as well. Featuring elliptic-curve encryption, decryption and true handset and database level message burning. No ads and no re-targeting ever. INCINR8 & TRUE MESSAGE DELETION Almost every chat messenger app nowadays provides the ability to ‘delete for everyone’. Most people believe that using this function to delete their messages will delete that message literally, from everyone. However in most cases that is not the case. When a message is deleted on most competitor chat messenger apps, the message is deleted from both the sender and receiver handsets however an encrypted (hopefully) version remains on transit and storage database servers. Our app is completely different. When you select a message or messages for deletion with Incinr8 the messages are not only deleted from both sender and receiver handsets but also all transit and storage servers that that message has used. With Incinr8 you can be certain that anything you want deleted is actually deleted. CRYSTAL CLEAR HD VOICE AND VIDEO CALLS Using Vox Messenger you can call friends and family for free using our crystal clear, high-definition voice and video calls. Speak to anyone in the world with an internet connection or a phone number. Enabling crisp, clear and quality calls anywhere in the world. All voice and video calls are fully encrypted. OUR FEATURES – Incinr8 Handset and Database Message Burning – End-2-End Encryption (Elliptical-Curve) – Screenshot/Screen-Recording Protection – Real-Time Chat – FREE HD Phone Calls – FREE HD Video Calls – Voice Messages – Groups Feature with Admin Functionality – Sent/Delivered/Read Indication – Copy/Forward/Delete Messages – Status Updating Feature – Push Notification on New Message – Beautiful Material Design – Sweet and Clean Animations – Image Sharing – Video Sharing – Audio Sharing – Contact Sharing – Location Sharing – Document Sharing – Emoji Sharing ABOUT OUR END-2-END-ENCRYPTION We use an open-source high-level cryptographic library that allows you to perform all necessary operations for secure storing and transferring data in your digital solutions. Crypto Library is written in C++, suitable for mobile and server platforms and supports bindings with the following programming languages: Swift, Obj-C, Java (Android), С#/.NET, JS, Python, Ruby, PHP, Go. KEY GENERATION, PRNG – CTR-DRBGNIST SP 800-90A KEY DERIVATION – KDF2RFC2898 – HKDFRFC5869 KEY EXCHANGE – X25519RFC7748 – ECDHNIST SP 800-56A – RSANIST SP 800-56B HASHING – SHA-2 (256/384/512)RFC4634 – Blake2RFC7693 SIGNATURE – Ed25519RFC8032 – ECDSAFIPS PUB 186-4 – RSASSA-PSSRFC4056 ENTROPY SOURCE – Linux/dev/urandom – WindowsCryptGenRandom() SYMMETRIC – AES GCMNIST SP 800-38D – AES CBCRFC3602 – Chacha20-Poly1305RFC7539 ELLIPTIC CURVES – X25519RFC7748 – Ed25519RFC8032 – KoblitzRFC4492 – secp192k1 – secp224k1 – secp256k1 – BrainpoolRFC5639 – bp256r1 – bp384r1 – bp512r1 – NISTRFC5480 – secp256r1 – secp192r1 – secp224r1 – secp384r1 – secp521r1
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