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I love VOX!!! And it's so nice to have it on iPhone now. The design looks gorgeous and Apple will probably steal a ton of ideas from VOX and put it into the Music app :P Anyways, great app.
@joshsoftorino Thanks, Josh! You hit the spot! We think the same, but hey – we're not trying to compete with Apple. We're here to improve the pleasure of using an iPhone and listening to your favourite music – in perfect quality, directly from your pocket.
I've been using beta version for a few months already and I absolutely love it! It puts all your music into one place: iTunes, Soundcloud, Radio + they just recently released Loop, which is an unlimited cloud storage for your music. Congrats on official iOS release!
@uvarovdd Thank you, thank you, thank you! For hunting VOX for iPhone, Ivan :-) So happy to hear that you liked the beta. Oh and just a heads up, right now it's just for iPhone. The iPad version is coming soon. Guys, I'm one of the devs here at Copperitno and I'll be glad to answer any questions you guys have so throw em at me :P
Hi everyone! I’m Peter the CEO of Coppertino. Our VOX Music Player app for the Mac has been around since 2013, but today's iOS app release marks the company's first expansion to Apple's mobile devices. Apart from the iPhone version, we’re also trying to set the bar for personal music management with out new service – Loop. If you already “dipped your toes” into the app and the Loop, let us know your feedback :)
Coppertino is always at its best. I’ve been using their VOX Mac player for ages now. It’s such a nice addition to my audiophile ecosystem. Good luck with the launch guys! :) Great app and I’ve added it to my Better Together collection :)
@quser Thank you, Sergey! Yes – the past couple year wasn't as easy as you'd think. We put a lot of passion into this and we're so excited to finally have it out there for the public.
Hey guys, We're very proud to have Vox as one of the most favorite music apps for Mac. Today is a big day for us. We're taking on a new challenge now with the new iPhone version, there's also a new music locker service we're introducing called LOOP. Its inside the app :) So besides the long-awaited iOS version of the Mac music player, we're also debuting our cloud-based music locker service, LOOP. A few words about it, LOOP is built into both the VOX Music Player for Mac and the new iPhone version. It offers you unlimited cloud-based storage for all of your music files. Songs stored in LOOP can be streamed in full quality to any device using the VOX Mac and iOS apps, and songs can be cached for offline playing. Unlike many popular music lockers like iTunes Match and Google Play Music, LOOP is able to support any type of audio file, including FLAC, playing songs natively through the VOX apps with no transcoding. Just like the Mac version, VOX for iPhone is free :) Let me know there's exactly you want to know.
@petrus_julia If I understood everything right, it's only possible to play FLAC through your cloud system LOOP?
@pierrickgt Pierrick, of course not :) LOOP is able to play ANY type of audio files, which includes regular MP3s and many others, except it also plays FLAC, OGG & many other hi-res & lossless formats. It plays the songs natively through the VOX apps with no transcoding. This is what makes LOOP standout when compared to various Music storages. They compress the sound, but we play it in the original quality.
@petrus_julia I've understood that but how do you transfer your FLAC files on the iPhone? Cause if I'm right, you can only use iTunes to transfer music and if it's not a MP3, it will automatically transcode it.