Bumble meets LinkedIn recommendations

A new social matchmaking and dating app. You wouldn't purchase something without checking reviews. Why date without Vouches? Singles invite their social circle to Vouch for them, unlocking social clues about who they are beyond their bio and profile pic.
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    Austin EudalyEnchanted by cheese.

    Creates greater transparency in the dating space. Also more fun with friends involved.


    User experience is new and has some room for improvement over the long haul.

    Love this app.

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Hi everyone! Thank you for checking out Vouch. Vouch was launched with goals to create a safer, more authentic, and social place to date. Single daters can utilize the app and swipe through potential matches. The fun part being that they can invite any member (single or taken) of their social circle to Vouch for them. Vouches act as recommendations and reviews that live on a dater's profile giving context to who they are beyond just their profile image. Think of Linkedin recommendations (or Product Hunt!). Daters with more Vouchers are treated more favorably, think of the way the upvote sorts new products. Vouchers (members of their social circle) can also swipe for them - helping them match with better matches. We allow for features that making dating on dating apps less isolating. Chat with your Vouchers about a potential match before swiping. The goals of including Vouchers are to layer in some additional social context, hold daters more accountable (friends don't let friends be jerks on dating apps), and make dating a less lonely experience. 50% of singles still haven't tried dating apps or online dating, many citing safety, authenticity, and the negative stigma that still exists around dating apps. We hope Vouch addresses these concerns. We hope you Vouch for us.
Love the idea of collaborative match making!
@lachlankirkwood We do too! And don't worry, if someone swipes right on a potential match for you, YOU still have to also swipe right. No arranged marriages here. :)
I really like the concept. Are friends allowed to suggest matches to other friends? (this was kind of hinted at in the screenshot). And can you tell us more about the story and inspiration behind the app?
@dkb868 Thank you! Yes, friends can send profiles to each other before swiping right. We saw more and more people sharing screen shots of profiles via text, we make it easy to share profiles right in the app. We know there are plenty of options to date online. What the team felt was missing was an additional layer of safety and accountability. You might not hire without reviewing a professional reference or researching the product here on Product Hunt, we like to think the next wave of dating includes vouchers, reviews, and improved safety features.
Awesome stuff! It gave me some great experiences
@vinzenzrod Great to hear! Thanks for trying it out.
Well done @christianayebra and team! Vouch adds a much needed layer of social proof and authenticity to online dating. As the world becomes increasingly borderless between physical and digital, it's refreshing to see products that reflect that new reality — especially when it applies to the identity and reputation of someone you might share a future with. If it can happen to Dirk Nowitski it can happen to anyone, right? https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/spor...
@jbschaff yes! I hope you know my first event in startup world was your product hunt event many moons ago. I still have my sticker!