Friend powered finance

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Tom Masiero
Tom MasieroHunterHiring@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit

Looks to be pre-launch.. cool to see others startups joining earnest in this space. 

Interesting onboarding approach via sms. Similar experience to Digit. I'm not to comfortable linking up FB to this though..

Asher Snyder
Asher Snyder@asherraph · Founder, Mesh Labs Inc.
I would be very interested if something like this has any benefits over the current discriminatory credit rating, credit checking, and allocation industry. Superficially, it seems to me that this will continue to box you into your class. So that people with "better" friends will have more ability to borrow than those whose personal circumstances might have prevented them from fostering those "quality" social relationships that lead to higher vouch ability. Personally I dislike tools that further cement social separations and barriers. Of course, the counter argument might be that a self-motivated individual could foster those "quality" relationships that would in turn get them higher vouch ability equalizing the playing field. But in reality that's not really much of an equalizer since all things being equal one might be born into a path of a quality social circle, versus having to hustle for one (which is essentially the status quo for our current system, poor credit decisions aside). At any rate Vouch definitely sounds better than the status quo, and I would be very curious as to whether you have any ideas to make access to credit easier for those that have been historically prejudiced.