Vote or create your own public or private battles

#4 Product of the DayJune 08, 2019
Everyone can create your own battles, share with friend and vote. Its first global battle website version. When you vote any brand, people or company we created unique images for your vote and unique title & description for sharing.
  • Kumar Abhirup
    Kumar AbhirupA 15 year old JavaScript developer

    Nice idea, you can have fun


    Searchbar doesn't work, can't create battle, newest/hottest sorting doesn't work, my profile shows blank page, overall very buggy..

    Loved the idea, UI and UX could just be more better. It should just work the way it should.

    Kumar Abhirup has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Fast wok, design usability is highly recommended, used the last development technologies


    I don’t familiar with any alternatives

    I know only one global social voting system and it is this one

    Seymur Abiyev has used this product for one year.
First voting platform. Incredible, creative and colorful design, i like it so much!!!
Useful) You can compare everything. Thanks.
Try or first projec, please. We are waiting your comments ) thanks ;)
I like this product. So simple yet elegant. I hope you won't limit the future development of the product. You should have an option for multiple votes, and the option to set more choices unless you want to simplify the product to work this way. I'll keep this on my list :)