Vote Count for Product Hunt

A simple api to get a product's vote count on Product Hunt

The new embeddable badge doesn't always fit. So, I made this; A simple API for retrieving the vote count of your product. Without the need for an API key or Auth, it is safe to do client-side, reducing the stress on your servers.
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Hey, Instead of studying for my finals tomorrow, I made this. Just kidding dad. Anyways, I am still a relatively new developer, so feedback would be sweet! Also, I coded the gif because animating is annoying :) Happy making!
I originally read this and thought.. "Why though?".. then I read your "Why?" on the product page and it made a lot more sense what you're trying to achieve and what it's for. So maybe you should update the info box with a bit more detail. It's actually quite a useful tool, but I imagine most people won't take the time to check it out so maybe you should make it easier for them. 😉
@sam_ayres Thanks! Hopefully the new description better reflects the product
Wow! Amazing!