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Share places you go when swiping your credit card 💳📍


Check into places anytime you swipe your card -- no need to open the app. See what loved ones are up to today, and comment on their activity. Get personalized recommendations from people you trust. Spot card fraud in seconds and better budget. Created by the app developers behind the world's first "indoor GPS" iPhone app.

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Growth @Grain.co

Took a minute for me to wrap my mind around, but once I did I used it a lot. I’d use it alone for the push notifications for anytime someone uses my credit card; two friends in my small network were notified of fraud their banks hadn’t caught.


I enjoyed having a nearly effortless private network with my friends.


I had no idea the level of my lunchtime restaurant spending 😉

Aruba Meridian

Have been using the app for several months now as an alpha user. It has turned into a habit that I monitor our spending in real-time notifications on the Apple Watch or on the phone: I expect to know which business charging our family credit card, when, where. Trends are quite useful in finding outliers.


Private real-time access to our family's spending


Mobile only: might be useful to view/share maps/trends data on the browser

Web developer

Interesting concept but would never ever use it. First real-time auto sharing means easy surveillance, and removing any privacy. Why would I check in every place where i swiped the card? But generally the issue is the privacy and sharing the unnecessary info just for imitating google reviews, and also budgeting app. Although it's said on site they don't share the info I really doubt that as of the specifics of the informations that are collected.

Automatic Budgeting = US => Mint, EU => Outbank

Reviews = FB - Google - Yelp - Tweeter Profile :D


Style & Simplicity


Privacy, Benefits, Data sharing

Recovering CTO
I guess I wouldn't conclude myself that because some functions are covered in other apps, that those features are "done" and implemented as best as they could. For instance, Mint is great and I use it occasionally but it's not realtime, and categorization is entirely up to you (“Rename WHLFDS to Whole Foods every time?”) The Yelps of the world are great but they are mostly reviews from strangers (or the competing restaurant across the street). Vota is nice because you can get recommendations from places your actual friends actually spend money at. Without them having to sit down and write reviews.