Crowdsourcing quotes for your 3D Printing Needs

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Voovo is like Uber for 3D printers. We're doing a re-brand and are definitely going to use them to get connect us with someone to who can make a physical version of our new logo. @Phil_Raffi and his team are doing some great work out of Toronto!
Very cool idea. What's the thinking behind bids as opposed to set pricing ?
Thanks Robleh! Logo's are just the beginning. People are getting all kinds of stuff printed using the Voovo platform (prototypes, arduino cases, apple watch stands!). Please check us out, we're new and would love to get some feedback! Here's an example of a logo we got made using our platform.
Go Voovo! I worked on development of the platform, so if anyone has questions about it I'd be happy to field them.
Thanks Rahhul! Set pricing is a little harder to figure for a user who is new to 3D printing. We also wanted to incorporate shipping into the equation in addition to local pick-up, which gives the end user access to many more types of 3D printers, filament color, etc. We also wanted the pricing to be as competitive as possible, so we made all bid prices viewable by everyone. If you own a 3D printer and think you can outbid someone's price, odds are you'll get the job and the end user gets a better price!