Hyperlapsed replays for your live streams

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Gourav Das
Gourav DasMaker@tackypreneur · Building a Women-Only Community app
Thanks for featuring Voola on ProductHunt. Voola is a free app that is built with the mission to help users capture their honest moments as they happen. Users can live stream upto 4 mins and all streams are saved forever, until deleted by the streamer. The best part is that all these replays are converted to ~20 sec hyperlapsed videos for quick and fun consumption. If someone is interested they can view the full replay too. We also observed a lot of users fear of going live. To let our users overcome this fear we have introduced the Blur screen. When users use blur screen, the stream is blurred and the identity (Profile Name, Photo etc..) is hidden. So Blur screen is our sincere effort in making users lot more comfortable while going live. It can also be used for other fun ways like Confessions. The possibiliies are endless. We would love to hear what you think about Voola and how can we improve on what we have.
Subrat Kar
Subrat Kar@subratkar · Co-founder & CEO @vidoolydotcom
@Eric @Ryan, I would say these guys are awesome..loved their private beta invite..love to see them on producthunt..wishes them best..guys pls share some love & test out their product.
Ruchika Kar
Ruchika KarMaker@reachruch · Founder Cafe app. Ex. Voola, GroupShoppy
Thanks PH and Eric! I am the CEO and Cofounder of Voola. I will be available entire day to answer your questions and fondly listen to your feedbacks. We are missing (literally) the IOS users. But, we are planning to get it out soon. Story behind: After bootstrapping for past 2+ years on our earlier startup - GroupShoppy, we had to pull the plug. Groupshoppy never became what we wanted it to become and neither could we take it global. We thought of taking a break but our entrepreneurial spirits didn't let us do it. We as couple Co-Founders, kept discussing about "What next?" at Kitchen, while doing dishes, at dinners, at bed. Finally Voola stuck us like a lightening. It's interesting that Voola was ideated in a lot different manner. Initially it started out only as "Instagram for Live Streams". But as we spoke to more people about Voola, live streaming in general, we uncovered areas where we could disrupt and make an impact. One of the key things that we firmly believe is that most of the people, most of the time actually do not need unlimited streaming. And also as we have seen with so many products in the past, restrictions on expression encourages creativity. Secondly, we respect our users time. Hence the compressed Hyperlapse version saves time and adds a fun quotient. The other key realization was that most of the users in Live streaming apps actually have a fear of going live. Its a pshycological barrier, which we firmly believe we can help overcome. Hence we got the Blur screen with hidden identity in Voola . We are just getting started and lot more to come. If you have any suggestions you want to see in Voola, let us know and we will prioritize our product roadmap accordingly.