Website builder that is best for multilingual websites.

Our primary obsession has been to keep management of the websites as easy as possible, so that people can focus on creating great content rather than hustling with technical difficulties. In addition to that, we have created powerful tools for developers to expand the features of Voog.

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Happy Voog was hunted! A great find. If you need localisation/translation Voog is the best I have found (and I have looked at many!). I still do not understand why most website builders assume one language is sufficient these days. Voog has multi-language built into the core. Similar design availability and CMS functionality as SquareSpace, but find it even easier to manage content. Particularly when handing over to a less technical person to maintain and manage content. For simple and quick landing page or for more or less static content web pages, it is a beautifully simple solution (even if you do not need localisation).
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@martinmcgloin Wow, thank you, Martin! 🌞 BTW — you can also build powerful sites like the just launched www.pocopay.com too. And it will be nice and easy for the in house content team to manage it with Voog.
@runnel Thanks for the heads up! I imagine that Pocopay is using a developer template / custom made? I will subtly take that as a challenge to redo the Sorry as a Service landing page with Voog. Particularly if Voog supports SSL! That has been my biggest sticking point before.
@martinmcgloin Yep, you can go completely custom with the Liquid markup templating that we use. And the full-featured API helps a lot too. Dozens of agencies build their unique customer websites with Voog. Welcome on board! Would glad to help you get started, drop me a line at tonu@voog.com and I'll connect your devs with ours' for some tips & ideas.
Hi hunters & gatherers! :) Thank you @kwdinc for submitting us! Voog is a website builder that focuses on ease of use, attention to detail in design and users who need multilingual sites. As a surprising twist there’s also the other, hidden part of the product — it’s used by dozens of web agencies & freelancers for building feature rich powerful customer sites on it. Thousands of small companies, startups and even a selection of enterprise customers. Thing is there’s a full-featured API, flexible templating with liquid markup, command-line development tools and database toolkit for going completely custom. All this power user stuff doesn’t interfere with the end users — their experience is as simple as it can be. What makes Voog a great choice for web professionals compared to all the CMSs out there is that it’s hosted, monitored, updated and supported by our team. Both get our support — the devs at the agency and their customers working with content. Sign up at voog.com and take a spin for free. Would love to hear your ideas how to improve our product further.
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As @runnel said, feel free to sign up and take a spin. If you like what you see, we'd like to encourage you to start building your website. Here is a little gift to the first 50 Hunters — 50% off for the first year. Promotion code: VOOGHUNT2016 Should any questions arise, don't hesitate to contact us — hello@voog.com Cheers!
The multilingual component reminds me of dakwak.com ;) Going to add this to my long list of landing page/website buillders: http://instapage.com http://Xtensio.com http://strikingly.com http://populr.me http://wix.com http://weebly.com http://squarespace.com The landing page builder space is a slog. My hands down favorite tools for B2B is Instapage and for personal portfolio sites is Strikingly. The landing page doesn't necessarily indicate how this does a better job at creating multi-lingual sites than the other builders out there. That being said, the templates are extremely minimalistic and crisp. They include SSL as an option which is cool/useful if you plan on making any sort of HIPAA compliant applications and want to maintain design/trust integrity throughout nav experience.
@datarade Thank you for giving your opinion on our landing page. We launched Voog at 2014 and so far we've so busy with developing the product itself that our own web has had quite little attention, if any. Yet, recently it has come to our attention too, that there is a lot of work to do. So, if you have any kind of additional feedback for us we'll welcome it with open arms. Such a nice words about the templates — thank you! :)
A powerful, yet simple to use tool for creating and managing multilingual websites that look gorgeous both on mobile and desktop screens. Your site can be in an infinite number of languages in parallel. And the tool itself is translated into 15 languages.
@kwdinc Thank you for posting us! 🚀
Hi all the hunters on my behalf too! I just wanted to let you know that if you have any kind of feedback about our web or product itself, we would be happy to hear it. If you notice something worth sharing drop us a line at support@voog.com or just leave a comment here. It has been an awesome day. Thank you!