Voodoo Manufacturing

Fast, affordable, high-volume 3D printing

Voodoo Manufacturing is robotic 3D printing factory

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Hi Product Hunters! I'm Jonathan, one of the founders of Voodoo Manufacturing! We run a software-driven, 130 desktop 3D printer factory. We can print anywhere from 1 to 10,000 units for anything from prototypes to end-use parts. Sometimes we like to call ourselves "AWS for 3D printing.” In many cases, we’re faster, easier, cheaper, and more scalable than owning your own printer. We’d love to hear your feedback, what types of services you would want next, and answer any questions you might have below. Also feel free to shoot me an email at jonathan@voodoomfg.com. Thanks, Jonathan
@jmschwartz11 @voodoomfg Jonathan, I love the concept! I would imagine printing costs are highly variable depending on size, complexity, etc. For a marketer, it would be helpful to understand costs involved before spending effort designing a 3D object. It would be cool to have a pricing page that gave estimates based on past projects (or example projects) to give an idea if your service is feasible or not for marketing campaigns.
@marketplicity Hey Chris! Thanks for your enthusiasm! And yes, you're totally right. That's something we're currently working on and should have up soon. Usually when we work with people who don't have a 3D model, they contact us through our Volume Printing form and then based on what they describe we try to give a better cost estimate for both design and printing. As you realized prices can vary a ton depending on the object size and complexity, so we're always a little hesitant to give a quote that could be way off. But a price "snapshot" definitely seems helpful!
We could have used this to print the Golden Kitties!
@rrhoover That was us! haha. We worked with @jacqvon to get it done.
@jmschwartz11 @jacqvon HA! I had no idea. Thanks so much. 🙏
This is so cool. How frequently do you plan on updating your printing hardware?
@brendonto Hey Brendon. Thanks! Glad you think so! One of the nice things about using low-end technology is that we can change it over frequently with less cost. In the near term, we'll probably focus more on offering different materials, post-processing methods, and other services, but beyond that we're entirely open to other FDM hardware, other types of 3D printing, and even non-3D printing manufacturing methods. Have you used FDM before?
@jmschwartz11 Still new to the 3D printing world, but FDM comprises most of what I know in the space. I'm always really curious to see how a hardware-based service company scales, in particular when the space (in this case, 3D printing) and the hardware in it is rapidly evolving. Best of luck! I have a feeling I'll be using you guys in the near future on a couple of projects.
This is so good for all those small businesses trying to crack into the next level.
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