Video Convo. Think Google hangouts meets Kickstarter

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Hi everyone this is Max Ringelheim CEO of Vonvo.com - in celebration of being on producthunt today we're providing a 50% off discount for the first 3 months usage of Vonvo for anyone/company who signs up today or emails "info@vonvo.com" with the code "Lets Start Vonvoing." Please let me know if you have any questions about our unique technology and feel free to watch the AMA CEO of Producthunt Ryan Hoover did last week on Vonvo from San Francisco for the NYC Meetup Group! its in the related links section above! or below
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Vonvo is awesome. My pick for sure
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@SaltzmanJason thanks for your support!
I organized the NYC Product Hunt Community meetup last week. We decide to try Vonvo for a virtual AMA with @rrhoover and it worked really well. Someone jumped in with a question who was watching online. The fundraising component has a lot of potential for startups or non-profits.
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@harryraymond yes it really did work out very well. @rrhoover didn't have to travel anywhere and was able to speak to the crowd and answer any questions they had! (one of many great photos from the night below) #producthuntNYC
Nice job with this product!
@seenickcode thank you nick! appreciate the kind words!
I've played around with Vonvo - I really liked the idea. A really great solution, particularly for live funding events.
@zemaj thank you james truly appreciate the kind words!