Never forget your ideas or reminders again by using VoNo

VoNo allows you to simply send memos to yourself and others in the most quick and user-friendly fashion. You can send a Text Memo, Voice Memo, Photo Memo, or even record a Voice-to-Text Memo using speech recognition to any pre-selected email adress.
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Hi Product Hunters! Whether you are an entrepreneur that has to remind brilliant ideas and plans, a parent that needs to remind their son to do the groceries, or a Product Hunter that likes to remember the best apps and news you saw on Product Hunt. VoNo started as a personal app to remind ideas, but now it is ready to be shared with others. We try to make the app as user friendly as possible, and we hope that you Product Hunters are willing to support our app by using it and providing feedback so we can develop the app to be perfect for everyone! Have a great day and enjoy VoNo! PS: We are aware of the bugs and problems with the iOS version and are working hard on a fix. However we are thrilled to receive feedback from Android users!