Volunteer Developers

Free development help for businesses fighting COVID-19

A list of software agencies that are willing to provide FREE development support to the fight against COVID-19. If your startup is battling COVID, apply to get help.
All agencies are vetted by YouTeam — a YC-backed platform for hiring remote developers.
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Hey everyone. I have only one thing to say: please spread the word about this initiative so we can reach all the startups in need. Thank you!
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Hey, please spread the word about this initiative so we can reach all the startups in need. Thank you
why not, our company took part in this activity. In this hard time we should support each other and help to survive. Thanks to youteam!
@yuriy_nakonechnyy2 Thank you for being awesome!
Hey Hunters! 👋🏻 Yura here - I'm the co-founder and co-CEO of YouTeam, a marketplace for building offshore dev teams. Today I want to present you volunteer-developers.com - the directory of dev shops providing free coding or testing services to the companies that help fight COVID-19. A couple of weeks ago we published a listing of deals that various businesses posted in response to the current pandemic crisis. It quickly got viral and went on to becoming #1 page on this topic in the web. One of the websites that post a link to our listing was Sam Altman's "Help with COVID-19" clearinghouse project. Inspired by it, my co-founder Nikita posted a message in our company-wide Slack channel, that started with the words "Let's save the world!". He described his idea to go one step further, and see if we can not just list the deals and discounts, but offer something highly valuable - like the time of software engineers - for FREE. I thought this is worth trying for a number of reasons. The most obvious one, as a marketplace, you always see part of your job being sort of community builder. So it felt almost as a duty for us to try to organize the 400+ dev shops listed on our platform to help the current situation in the way they can add the most value - by writing the code! After sending across the email, we were surprised by the amount of positive feedback. It turned out many dev shops now have good engineers "sitting on a bench" due to the customers cutting down development budgets. They don't want to lay these engineers off: the talent is the core asset of those businesses and they invested a lot of money in their recruitment and training. So our call came about very timely for them. And well, of course, there is an element of marketing in this: the companies hope that the businesses that would use free developers' services will learn about them as potential partners after the crisis. So far we only have 10 teams listed but plan to add more if we see the demand. Would love to hear your thoughts!
This is a wonderful initiative! Going to share it now with my community
@zaremba_petra You can't even imagine how much it means to us. Thank you!