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DOPE! Cant believe Windows has this since Vista
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@orliesaurus welcome back to 2007 :)
@ymg indeed, its much better to have something like this than having to dig into every app's settings to adjust volumes
@orliesaurus Windows is perfect in many aspects, although I like Mac.
@orliesaurus however Windows struggles to change volume sources without resetting the application. Something that Mac has handled beautifully for many years. For example I have sound going through my speakers and I boot up a game. Now I realize I want sound to go through my usb headset and I have to close the game and re-open of for the changes to take effect.
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@_jacurtis not only games, also youtube or anything really - it does suck when i plug the a windows laptop into a large screen :(
I feel like I need this for my headphones! Need to stop jumping out of my skin when getting a text while listening to music
@bentossell Disconnect the volume of the app playing audio (right click its icon) and you shall have you wont hurt your back jumping. Thank you.
The reason OS X never had a mixer, I think, is that it adds an extra layer to the two already existing ones: in-app volume, global volume. Now also a mixer. So to make sure e.g. your music is playing at its max (or why it's not playing at all) you need to check three sliders. Happens a lot on Windows that e.g. there is no sound, or your microphone isn't working, and you have no idea why. A user connects to you via Skype and you can't hear them, or they can't hear you. Yep, it's because they are on Windows :) Then you see them clicking around for a while, asking if it's OK now - nope, still not OK. Then after a while the sound comes back - they've found the right slider! That is not to say this app is not useful, I will give it a try. Ideally I would like it to actually affect the in-app volume, i.e. if I adjust the volume in iTunes it affects the iTune's own slider too. Not sure if it's even possible to implement though.
@_hovm It does add an extra layer we tried to mitigate that by having the volume of the applications reset when closed. The default is for each application to mirror the volume settings "global/master" volume. The choice to detach from the master volume is made each time. This we hope should help eliminate most of the issue found on windows. Its funny you should mention iTunes because with iTunes the slider does control the actual slider found inside iTunes. More research needs to be done on how many application allow that kind of control. Thank you for giving it a try. Your feedback will be invaluable.
@ymg Just installed it and tried with everything I can think of :) Firstly, very nice and clean design, the installer and the app itself. Works great and yes, it mirrors the iTunes in-app volume, which is very cool. It crashed once with Logic Pro X when I set the audio devices to Volume Mixer, but I couldn't reproduce it later, it just worked after that. And a few questions: Volume Mixer appears everywhere as an input device too: what is it for? Also, do you actually mix audio data? If so, how do you handle different sampling rates? Thanks, a really nice app, potentially very useful too!
@_hovm Thank you for the feedback. I'll look at logic pro x now to see if I can reproduce the crashing. We intend to add features and it made more sense to build in the functionality of input now to try and cut down on development time later hence the input.
@ymg a few more problems... Muted sound noticed a couple of times even when Volume Mixer is not running, or at least not in the task bar. Nothing helped except starting the Mixer again, then the sound comes back. Also, I just uninstalled the app, I was expecting it to restart the system, but instead my iTunes crashed. I can imagine system audio is a very, very tricky business (on any OS I suppose), but at this stage it is not stable enough for me to consider it for everyday use, unfortunately. Hope you fix these problems, after all they should be reproducible.
@_hovm It would be great if we can discuss this and try and figure out why you are having issue. My email is help@goldengoosetech.com
Hello Product Hunt! I'm here to answer any questions about Volume mixer.
I like the idea to only mute Chrome to prevent audio/video autoplay ruining your current podcast recording.