Volume Control Pro

Control iPhone volume in 1% increments

This app lets you pick your phones volume in 1% increments, rather than the 6-7% changes you get from the volume buttons on the side of the phone.
It's great for people who have sensitive ears and are particular about how their music or podcasts sound.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
First off I just wanted to say that this app has very strong structural fit. I downloaded this app (believe it or not) because I often have situations where I need the granularity. - There is something wrong with the feedback when I touch a volume selection. There's some delay where I don't get the haptic feedback/response I want. I'm also expecting some visual feedback as well. - It would be nice if I knew which volume selection were 'active' after they were selected. - I wish I can drag-and-drop the volume circles into the favorites bar. Currently I need to use the "Manage my Favorites" underneath the "..." menu which is a bit unintuitive – 2 clicks at least. The delay because it uses the native elements is cumbersome. Cheers!
@andrew_tian Hey Andrew, thanks for the feedback! Regarding haptic feedback, currently the device vibrates when you release a volume button, are you perhaps expecting a vibration when you first touch the volume button instead? It's an interesting idea that I can have a play with. For visual feedback, currently I'm relying on the "Volume x%" title changing, the volume bar at the top sliding in size, and then subtle tap animations on the buttons, but perhaps it needs to be a bit clearer than that. When you are shifting a few % the animation change in the sliding volume bar can be pretty subtle!
Great tool! It's so easy to use, I like it) Congratulations!
Great job!!😊 Will check it out! You should upload a demo.video on its working for end user to understand and be able to use it.
@ayushchandra Thank you for the suggestion!
What API does apple expose in iOS that allows this fine-grain volume control? TBH I'm surprised that's an option that apps can set themselves, looking at Spotify and Overcast, for example, I don't immediately see volume controls.
Definitely fills a need...but how to adjust in small increments past 40%?