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Very cool, although I wonder if there are legal issues with this. Also check out Play (for Medium), a Chrome extension that reads Medium articles.
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@rrhoover Agree there might be legal issues. You might need to carefully read Medium's terms and policy to confirm that.
@rrhoover Play was definitely an inspiration for me to take the app in a different direction than originally planned.
@rrhoover Also may want to check out https://www.producthunt.com/post... which is still growing!
Hey Hunts! Volume is a website and iOS app (I'm sorry Android, maybe soon) that curates startup and tech stories posted to Medium and turns them into audio. I've found them perfect to listen to on my way to work. The reason I built this is because I love reading Medium but recently I haven't had enough time in my schedule to read through them, so I made an app to read it to me. Let me know what you think!
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@gavindinubilo Great job! What's the source of the voice over?
@sofisteee I used IBMs Watson API for the text to speech, I does an alright job, though there are some other ones out there that are better.
lovely idea and product. Although, I find the voice incredibly annoying.
Love listening when driving! Good product! Used to listen to Economist audio version and now I can choose this for startup articles.
@sofistixy awesome! Great to hear, if you have any suggestions for publications or writers let me know, I'd love to start adding them
So glad to see this out in the wild now! Props Gavin πŸ™Œ