Full-time Employees Anywhere with Benefits

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Freelancers with Benefits!!.. A couple of years ago we started hiring remote full time employees instead of freelancers and firms providing dedicated.. Amazed by the cost savings, productivity, creativity and retention rates, we formed Volubilis to provide everyone looking for great talent the same services without the hassle of dealing with locally registering subsidiaries.. Why limit your search for talent to one country when you can pick awesome developers or designers from around the world.. Instead of taking them out of their natural habitat, we place them in right where they want to be and provide all the amenities that a full-time employee comes to expect of.... Building on the model of co-working spaces, we provide extremely low cost offices which have proven ecosystem's for boosting productivity.. Let us know what you are looking for and we will initiate a worldwide search on your behalf, we even make sure we find a replacement in case you are not happy or if anyone quits..
All pay negotiations are left to the client and the employee.. Current remote freelancers can be easily converted into full time employees via this model...