Volterman Smart Wallet

Slim wallet with powerbank, GPS, wifi, bluetooth and camera

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Vikram Banty
Felicidad Pérez
  • Vikram Banty
    Vikram BantyUniversal insurance



    Very useful to people's like theft

    Already booked this wallet yesterday and can know release date

    Vikram Banty has never used this product.
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Narek Vardanyan
Narek VardanyanMaker@narek_vardanyan
Hey Product Hunt community and thanks @bramk for hunting as. We are super excited to be featured in Product Hunt and would like to get your feedback on Volterman. It all started two years ago when our CTO @azat_tovmasyan lost his wallet for the third time. This time causing more discomfort and harm than ever. He was unable to find a wallet that simply can’t be lost, so he decided to make it himself. After two years of development and testing, Volterman is not only impossible to lose, but it has some other handy features as well. While being slim and lightweight (120g) it has: - Built-in Powerbank (2,000-5,000 mAH) - Distance Alarm System - Global GPS Tracking System - Worldwide WiFi Hotspot - Thief Detection Camera (yes :) it activates in a lost mode and takes a picture of anyone opening the wallet. We are successfully crowdfunding it on Indiegogo (540%) and are ready to deliver in December as we are in prototype stage. Would love to get your feedback :)
Ashot Tonoyan
Ashot Tonoyan@tonoyan · CEO, inapptics
Awesome product! Can't wait for mine.
Narek Vardanyan
Narek VardanyanMaker@narek_vardanyan
@tonoyan thanks! :) great choice!
Mano Guiragosian
Mano Guiragosian@mano_guiragosian
Great product with great features, does it have a RFID protection?
Narek Vardanyan
Narek VardanyanMaker@narek_vardanyan
@mano_guiragossian thanks for kind words, Yes, it's RFID protected.
Artashes Vardanyan
Artashes Vardanyan@artashesvar · Love disruptive tech. Constant Learner.
the product solves some practical problems for people who are always on-the-go. highly recommended
Narek Vardanyan
Narek VardanyanMaker@narek_vardanyan
@artashesvar Yes, it's designed for people on-the-go to confidently continue their activities, without any interruption ))
Khanum Nikoghosyan
Khanum Nikoghosyan@khanum_nikoghosyan · Marketing specialist
Hey, I'm very excited from what I have read about this wallet in what it all can do. I am super jacked to get my hands one of these wallets. Can it charge 3 phones simultaneously?
Narek Vardanyan
Narek VardanyanMaker@narek_vardanyan
@khanum_nikoghosyan no, it can charge two :) one with a cord, the other one wirelessly, put on the wallet