Electronics prototyping right from your desktop!

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Hey, I'm one of the founders of Voltera. Thanks for all the support PH! Happy to answer any questions :)
Congrats, Team Voltera for tearing through your goal! I've added this to the growing "Made in Waterloo" collection: http://www.producthunt.com/alirt... (And sorry for the commotion from the RED Lab space during your shoot ;) )
So awesome. Gonna be able to have a complete prototype shop in my house within 5-10 years.
Why did you guys decide on such a low amount to raise?
Hey @pfista. I presume you are referring to our KS goal. As I'm sure you know, if you set it too low, people might think you are underestimating the complexity of manufacturing or the loving KS community wont be as motivated to back you. If you set it too high (read: if you set it to the amount you actually need for your first run), you might lose backers who fear that you will never be able to meet your goal. We tried to find a balance where we knew we could reach the goal but still have enough proof that the product is on the right track. We already had some money in the bank (http://techcrunch.com/2015/01/08...) that could supplement the KS funding to start our production run. We would then need to raise a round to scale. The success we've been having is going to make this whole process a lot easier though! Thanks for asking! This is inspriring me to put out a blog post in the coming months with the reasoning behind a lot of our KS prep decisions. Cheers!
@alroyalmeida That blog post would be great to see! Thanks so much for the information and best of luck with your company. I love what y'all are doing.