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@nceruchalu I would have loved to have seen a preview example for the impatient of what the newsletter looks like, without going through the 'Try a demo' interface. I didn't want to switch contexts and have one sent to me via email just for that. Obviously a newsletter email is best seen in an email client, but some kind of peak of how it might look in a browser would have been good too.
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@joostschuur @nceruchalu I agree, it would be awesome to show examples on the home page so you don't make the user go through extra effort to decide on whether to use your product or not :)
@joostschuur Ah that's pretty good feedback. We will be sure to update our demo to do just that!
@zainmanji @joostschuur this makes sense. We tried too hard to not make the homepage too long. But a couple more screenshots would only clarify things so we will be sure to update this!
@nceruchalu @joostschuur Yes! We want to see how cool we would be if we used your product!! :D
The product looks pretty simple and easy to use! Definitely more responsive than the others in the market. Will give it a try soon.
@preethiprao It says "Build without drag and drop"
@leafbomb Aha! My bad..Thanks !
@preethiprao We would be happy to have you as a user soon! And open to any and all feedback while you're trying it out!
@leafbomb @preethiprao Thanks for clarifying this Osman. We will have to think up clearer wording than "without drag and drop". It is very easy to accidentally read that as "with..."
Looks great! Is it possible to export your templates as HTML?
@mike_benson Hi there. Glad you're giving our product a try. At this time there's no HTML template export. But here's #protip: You can view source of emails sent in gmail (and other clients) :)
This is easily the best email product I've seen. As someone who has a small email list of my own, Volley seems extremely intuitive. The feature I like most is that Volley seems to create a dedicated page with all my past emails. I'd love to port all the data over to my old emails into Volley so that my history can be seen there... @nceruchalu would love to talk more...
@jackbwheeler hey there. We can definitely make this happen. Let's chat more!
Trying out Volleyy right now to notify our local subscribers of a Denver music event we're hosting.. feat 2 headliners: Sam Binga + Alix Perez.. maybe you've heard of them. :)
@shoeboxdnb nice! I like your use of Facebook and Twitter embeds!
@nceruchalu I've now put the volleyy opt-in form link up on my fb to see what the experience is like..
@shoeboxdnb great. When you get a feel for the experience, let me know if you have any feedback you'd like to share. Always willing to chat :)
It's been a couple of weeks since I sent my campaign and it's looking good. The results are about on par with our previous service (mailchimp). The only thing missing for me right now is the ability to create a copy of this campaign. I usually do this so I'm not starting from scratch everytime I want to send out an event reminder to our list.