A self-hosted daily planner that focuses on reflection

Volition is more than a todo list. It’s a framework for becoming more effective. It encourages you be more intentional in planning your day and reflecting on the decisions you made.

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Well, I have been looking for that kind of app a lot. Thanks! Definitely goonat check it out right now.
Be careful , deploy to heroku not working :
@cristiandav I'll look into this. Thanks for pointing it out!
@cristiandav This should be working now.
Hi everyone! @rohitpaulk thanks for posting Volition! I've been working on Volition little by little over the past year and I'm really excited to see that there is demand for a product like this. I am working on fixing up some little bugs and thinking about the roadmap. If you decide to try Volition and are technically inclined, please create an issue on Github for any bugs or issues you run into.
@garrettqmartin - my little list of stuff because github is too complicated for me. 1. being able to see what i wrote yesterday and what tasks i completed 2. plan for tomorrow today (after my reflective moment of course).
@garrettqmartin also, when i hit the submit button on the settings page nothing happens, which means many things, including that payment processing might be an issue

I have finally found the to-do list that I have been looking for. I have thought about making something like this myself as I've wanted that much. Now, I don't have to!


Keeps me on track. I've been looking for an app like this for over a year.


Nothing exactly like this in app form as far as I know. The Productivity Planner is a paper version.

I actually really like the idea of assigning an estimate of time to simple To-Do tasks and easily limiting how many you can fit into a single day. That's the one thing missing in the To-Dos apps I use now.