VOIQ VoiceBots

Human-sounding bots for sales, marketing and service calls

VOIQ VoiceBots sound like a human and can carry out conversations to schedule meetings, collect payments, qualify leads on a call, & so much more. Sales and Marketing leaders are using VoiceBots to increase reach, touchpoints and conversion with prospective customers.

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We use HubSpot daily, and it was great to find a tool that actually takes care of my team’s top-of-funnel sales and marketing calls in a scalable way. We've included VOIQ VoiceBots as part of our marketing workflows, allowing us to further engage leads according to their responses on our VoiceBot calls. We highly recommend you add VOIQ VoiceBots to your stack!


We use VOIQ to enrich our marketing channel efforts, reaching out to beauty salons across Europe to learn about our all-service app


VoiceBots are still very new, but the team is adding new features weekly.

First off, thank you @crabfisher for hunting our VOIQ VoiceBots!! :) Late last year, Google broke the internet with their demo of an AI-Bot that sounds just like a human, and scheduled a hair appointment - just like a human. We do just that, but our VoiceBots are focused on making sales, marketing and customer service calls for businesses. Customers are using AI Conversational VoiceBots to schedule meetings, remind leads of upcoming demos, collect payments, or qualify leads OVER THE PHONE….. And we’re now ready to welcome you all! Currently we are integrated with HubSpot, Zapier and have our own API, soon we’ll be in over 10+ leading CRMs. To all our Product Hunt community: try your first custom VoiceBot for free today! Happy to answer any questions you may have about VOIQ VoiceBots, we’re really looking forward to your feedback!

VOIQ has big potential to transform the way sales and marketing teams combine to acquire new customers.


Seamless technology, excellent customer support


More integrations beyond Salesforce

very excited to see the future of this technology and how it can better serve a whole segment of customers who prefer voice communication


a segment of customers prefer the phone. not me, but i think it is great to serve those customers via the channel they prefer


curious why the bot's voice has echo in the teaser video

@jessica_taggart and team, very interesting! What are some examples of using VoiceBots outside of scheduling appointments? Are they are any use-cases that stand out but might not be immediately obvious to new potential users?
@emilyjsnowdon thanks, and great question! Our customers have a lot of great use cases for our VoiceBots - triggering a call directly after a lead has opened an email or visited your website, following up after a lead has downloaded an eBook, call reminders about an upcoming demo or meeting, payment reminders for customers - the list goes on! Our VoiceBots are conversational, and can ask leads and customers simple questions, allowing Sales teams and Marketers to enrich their lead data and further qualify their lead segments.
@jessica_taggart Super interesting thanks Jessica. Do you have different style voices available to choose from? Curious if there is a 'type' of voice people have tended to react most favourably towards.
@emilyjsnowdon we do! We have hundreds of voices, as well as over 15 different languages. A lot of our customers tend to favor a female voice, but it really depends on your brand identity and industry. In fact, many of our customers leverage our different voice options to A/B test which voice their leads/clients respond best to.