Use voice to create Instagram Stories

With Voicestory, you can quickly turn your voice into Instagram stories. We are using advanced AI to transform your voice into text.
Record, design, and post straight to your Instagram. All under 45 seconds. No speaking on camera or previous content needed.
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9 Reviews5.0/5

Just love the idea behind the app and the way it works!


Great UI and an unique way to make stories with audio!


Nothing for now.

Hey Mike, thanks a lot! Me and @lozi are so glad that you like it. Still a way to go, though! :)
Absolutely love the product, can't wait to try it out 🙌 Voice was the only form of content missing from IG stories.
@lachlankirkwood Hey Lachlan, thanks a lot for your comment! And yep, I agree - audio/voice is the only missing format and there's still A LOT to do. This is just a start, hehe. :D We honestly want to make Voicestory the easiest & fastest way to create content on Instagram. Imagine that you'd just talk and Voicestory would create all the pictures/videos FOR YOU based on what you're talking about. We have a lot of ideas! If you have any ideas as well, let us know here.
@jakub_zajicek Absolutely love that concept! Will be sure to let you know of any feedback or suggestions myself 👍



This is the fastest way to create Instagram Stories that look good and convert to engagement!



Hey Pedram! What an amazing feedback, thank you! :D Feel free to spread the word! <3
Hey Product Hunt! 👋 I came across this app after I connected with one of the founders (@jakub_zajicek) on Instagram. I love the UI and the fact that it's not just another template app, but it uses your voice to create cool Instagram content instead. Try it out! 🙌
@startupwithmike Hey Mike, you're a great hunter! So glad we connected on Instagram. Thanks!
Hey PH 👋 I'm Zdenek, the co-founder of Voicestory and I’m super excited to introduce you to Voicestory 1.0 for iOS. Voicestory is a tool that uses advanced AI to turn your voice into animated text in a format you can seamlessly share to your Instagram 🚀 Right now, we built the iOS version only, but we want to develop the Android version soon. This version is minimal, but maximal where it matters. We tried really hard to make the essential features function well, but it still has some rough edges, don't be afraid to tell us about them! Thanks for hunting us, @startupwithmike 🙏 Cheers, Zdenek Lozias
@lozi love it! 🙌
@lozi Looking forward to the Android app!
@startupwithmike @lozi When will the android app come?
@lozi @avde123 Hello Alex, thanks for asking. We are initially on the iOS only but have plans for Android as well! :) Stay tuned!
@startupwithmike @lozi @iamroguelondon Hello Rogue, thanks for checking Voicestory! Unfortunately, we don't have the exact Android version release date yet. But we will! Meanwhile, join us on Instagram @voicestoryapp, so you're up to date! Thank you. :)