Like Lego for building shareable web pages quickly

#4 Product of the DayJuly 20, 2019
Share your voice across the web!
Create a page with multiple "blocks" of content, and share it with your social networks and messaging apps.
Voicer is completely free, anonymous, requires no registration and has no ads!
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Great work! - I see myself potentially using this when needing to share a quick bit of info with a group of people - say when planning a trip with friends. The two additional things I'd like to have are: polls and embeds. Also, just a personal thing, but so many drop shadows makes me feel a bit queezy.
@calum_moore1 Thank you!! I would soon add embeds, and polls will be in the near future when registration will be available.. thanks again for the feedback!!
@appernetic I see you are ready :) Nice voice!
Loving the ease at which I can create a page with this! I hope you'll be able to continue developing it :)
@sune_thorsen Thank you very much!! :)
Beautiful and Simple. There are minor bugs like I can't change the orientation of image in Person Widget, for some reason my image turned 90 degrees left( I am using it from phone). I am surprised there is no pricing page on it. Is it a free app? One suggestion: additional to Person widget you can also provide a profile page widget and collect user info and creative a simple profile page like www.about.me That will greatly attract users. I love to have the option to change the URL string(like my name instead of random string)... Overall I am very impressed with the simplicity and highly recommend it. I am curious what tech stack are you using? How long it took you to build?
@prakis Thank you for you feedback!! I have experienced myself the problem with rotating images, and you can be sure I will implement this fix soon. Also, I am planning on adding the personal profile page features you asked. as for the pricing, yeah Voicer is free and forever will be! :) about the tech, simple html, css, javascript, mysql and php... nothing fancy (no SPA nor framework). It took me about 3 month to develop it as a side project while working on my day job. learnt php and javascript during that 3 month. again, thank you so much for the feedback!
@tom_sitton1 Thank you for tech.. I see great potential for this product with advanced features, let me know if you are interested, I will share my ideas. You must be very good to learn and do this in 3 months. The look&feel(css) is perfect.
@prakis Sure why not! i'd be happy to listen :)
Hey Tom (@tom_sitton1 ), Amazing product. Loved the simple UI and functionality. :) Good clean interface means distraction free writing. It has all the required tools to write a quality blog post. Just one request. Would you be able to create an integration with Wordpress?? As i believe Voicer is php based, it wouldn't be that hard to create an integration with wordpress. If you've created one, we'd be happy to use voicer to write content for our Wordpress. It's much intuitive and i bet many will agree with me. cheers for this great work. Appreciate your great effort.
@ramkumarhq Thanks for the feedback! about wordpress, I believe there are hundreds of wordpress builders out there, have you tried some? The vision of voicer is to become a social content sharing platform, where all the data and content are within the platform, not so much as an editing tool for external platforms. but again, thanks you so much for the feeedback!