Voice Swap

Live voice changer & face filters for video selfies.


Jaime Bosch
@jaimebosch_ · CEO at Voicemod
Hello Product Hunt! We’ve created a new version of Voice Swap, which allows you to also change your face in the video! You will have a lot of fun with the app, try it out! Send messages to your friends using a different face & voice. You can change it in real time and then send as a video message to anyone. The technology has been developed over a tim… See more
Thiago Monteiro
@borisandcrispin · Product guy creating things for people.
Great improvement and voice effects. 🎉🎙 I don't think there's any other company with a more advanced voice modification technology. Definitely something @evanspiegel should check.
Juan Bosch
@iamjuanbosch · Product Manager at Voicemod
The development of this new version has been incredible. Good work team! We are proud to have achieved this immersive experience with our live voice changer technology. Let's go! 🤘
Corey Abramowitz
@mrabramowitz · Product
how do you not have a video for your video app? get on it :D
Deandre Durr☀️
@dredurr · Growth Hacker
This looks like alot of fun Dope🚬