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Voice Insider is a subscription newsletter that will arrive in your inbox each week and inform you about things that voice industry insiders want to know ahead of their peers or customers. Voice Insider is a channel for us to tell you about information which is useful to know but you otherwise might have missed.

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This is the #1 news source for anyone who wants to get deeply into the voice space.
Really enjoy the content @bretkinsella gathers and curates through both @voicebotai and the related podcast (I've also been a guest on the show!). Now, with this premium newsletter, he's bringing together a lot of the insider content and tips he gets that just don't fit his existing channels. Here're issues 1 and 2 to give you a taste of what's to come for subscribers.
Voicebot (web and podcast) @voicebotai has always been THE source for voice industry news. Voice Insider extends this with in-depth and deeper information.
Always a must read, excellent content and a valuable use of time to read always

Regular listener of the voicebot.ai podcast. When Voice Insider launched, I stopped what I was doing to sign up. It's critical to keep tabs, and if you care about the industry this is a no-brainer.


This is THE best news and information resource on the voice first industry!


Can't think of any cons!