Voice Bridge

Receive your landline calls on your mobile.

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Who has a landlinde anymore haha? EDIT: Thats not a serious question (hence, haha)
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@bentossell I have but not by choice. Never use it but require it for broadband in the UK!
@bentossell families with young children
@bentossell was thinking the same thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 😝
It’s a virtual phone that connects your landline to your Wi-Fi, making it available via an app. All incoming landline calls will ring on both your landline and your mobile. Take landline calls on the go with Voice Bridge.
Cool....remind me a agin why i need a land line?
Telcos moving to fiber their customers are also moving their POTS to VoIP, although most customers don't realize because they setup a gateway to the old analog phone circuit in the house, so nothing seems to have changed. But the reality is that there's a in your LAN a subnet for VoIP to which you can configure any SIP complying phone or soft phone and will work with your old POTS subscriber number (most Telcos allow ten simultaneous conversations with the same subscriber number)... and from here you can do all you want with your "landline" number (yes, and hackers too...). Be advised of if you don't have a secured WAN Node (Router) and WIFI, you could easily be the target of "nasty" VoIP hackers that will sell your VoIP by minutes to Call Shops for Inmmigrants or even worse... If you leave your LAN unsecured, don't blame anyone else for a huge phone bill or the storming-in of the Anti-Terrorist Police because you "belong" to an ISIS (Islamic State) cell. In Europe check your broadband, you probably are already on VoIP... you don't really need the hardware.
@haje "It seems like a pretty good idea, until you see the price tag" very true