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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! πŸ† ko-fi.com/chris
The design of the content experience in the Vogue app is like Snapchat off Snapchat. The visual-forward, swipe-up-to-skip design pattern seems to be trending in fashion apps. It's kind of like all those apps that rip off Tinder's swipe-left, swipe-right design, except this pattern is riffing on the design of Snapchat Stories and/or Instagram and/or Flipboard. This pattern seems like a new, clear mobile design winner.
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Danny Lowney
Growth ⛏@ Sup
@chrismessina Nicely put. Totally agree. Funny how a UX/UI model that was initially mocked is now likely to form the base of a new trend
@chrismessina the design really is a winner. I like how it looks very clean and simple yet with a gesture it adds more like the photo gallery in the middle of the feed.
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Meidad MarzanLead UX at Jobcase.com
@chrismessina Consumption model also resembles Yahoo news (with only 11 stories per day). Reflecting on both Vogue and Yahoo News, their interaction is brilliant. It is measured, not arbitrary and well thought through so even older generations could use without feeling awkward.