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Erik TorenbergHunterHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
From founder Cheng Chen- "TLDR It is a tool that helps users increase vocabulary by providing contextualized learning experience. More detailed version: "1. It contains a chrome extension which helps you translate the word you encounter but don't know the meaning(we support English and Spanish for now), and save that word to your personal word list along with the context wrapping that word. 2. On our beautifully designed website, you can easily review those accumulated words with spaced repetition algorithm which would boost your efficiency. Some interesting metrics: 1. we launched about two months ago and did 0 marketing(mainly because I don't know how :P), now have around 400 sign ups, and about 50 of them are using Vocapp on a daily basis. 2. users have collectively looked up over 13k words"
Will Imholte@willimholte · Designer, Prime
I'm curious to see what this looks like. I use the OS X dictionary quite a bit, but maybe having the words saved to a list would be helpful?
Cheng Chen@chengchen_cc · Starry
@willimholte Thanks! It does save the words you look up into a list if you sign up. And you can review them on the site. Any feedback welcome!
Will Imholte@willimholte · Designer, Prime
Yup @chengchen_cc, I saw that on the site, I'm curious to see how people are using the lists over time. I don't current review lists of words that I looked up while reading, so I don't have any idea if it'd be useful for me. (Obviously there is only one way to know for sure :) I'm mostly a Safari user, and the pitch on your site was interesting enough to warrant thought, but it's difficult for me to imagine everything in your product—screenshots would have helped a bunch.
Cheng Chen@chengchen_cc · Starry
@willimholte checkout some screenshots at https://chrome.google.com/websto... Feel free to try it out, it's free and takes seconds to install. As for Safari, it is definitely on our milestone. Stay tuned!