An audio-based web accessibility tool for pronouncing names.

#4 Product of the DayNovember 12, 2016
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This past week has been disheartening for many of us. I think it's important to remember that what drives hatred is the fear of what's unfamiliar and unknown. A little while ago, I open-sourced a JavaScript plugin that helped educate people on how to say difficult to pronounce names (like mine!). Today, I'm launching a free web tool built on that plugin that allows you to more easily record your name, store, and add the name pronunciation to your website. The world's a big place with many different cultures, traditions, and dogmas–but, hopefully, we can all make some effort to close these gaps, even if it's in small ways like showing people how to pronounce diverse names.
would love to see an example on the landing page.
@saijo_george You got it. I'll be adding that soon :)
Hi! Nice idea) how it works?
@inna_okun Thanks :) Just recording your name into the browser, save it, name it, and add the code snippet that we give you. Let me know if you find anything confusing.
@at_faz_m thanks) my name is too simple for your service but I know of the existence of such a problem and it is the perfect solution for it :) Good luck for you!
Great stuff, good luck.