Vocal Recorder is a simple but powerful two track audio recorder that allows to record high quality songs with just your phone. It's ideal for musicians who want to record instrumental and vocal tracks separately to get high quality voice and music recording. It's simple, fast and free. Features: - simple and fast - loading mp3 instrumental audio - live audio spectrum analyzer - volume settings on each track - music track playback to earphones while recording vocal track - wave encoding with automatic adjustable best sample rate (8-48 kHz) - recording in background (even when display is off) - playback seek control - track playback visualisation on waveform - save/stop recording process control - send/share a recording via soundcloud, whatsapp, dropbox, etc.
Total game changer for android musicians
What about ios version?
@platonenkonik For IOs there are plenty of such apps, cause there is no problem with audio latency.