Vocab Swap

Learn a language while you browse the internet

Vocab Swap is a Chrome extension that lets you study vocabulary while you surf the web. Add words that you want to learn, and Vocab Swap will insert them into pages that you visit!

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Hi everyone! I'm Nathaniel, the creator of Vocab Swap. The hardest part of learning a language is to make studying a habit. I built a tool that makes this effortless. Enter the words that you want to learn, and Vocab Swap will show them to you on web pages that you visit. I would love any feedback you may have. I am planning to add vocabulary packs to make it even easier to get started!
good idea
@reva_stator Thanks, glad you like it!
I think this is a great idea! I see you're working on vocab packs -- I think this extension would really help me with learning Spanish, but I don't like having to custom-define my words. Have you thought about automating this, so I can configure the extension to translate, say, 3% of words on a page? Or 10%?
@iamramsey That's a good suggestion. I want to add more controls like that in the future. Once you add enough words to your list, you'll need it. Maybe it could automatically stop showing you words that you've seen many times. Thanks for using it!