Back up your Linux servers continuously

Hey everyone! I'm Andrew, Vobla's marketing manager. We are excited to be on Product Hunt today and hope you will like our service. Vobla is a backup solution for small to mid businesses, web hosting providers and single person businesses running on Linux servers. It tracks changes made to files on your hard drive continuously, and only backs up the ones that have been changed. Before any file is backed up, the Vobla Agent encrypts it using AES-256, and then transfers it over an SSL connection for maximum security. Users can interact with Vobla through the Web UI or by using the git-like CLI. I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have about Vobla. Thanks for your support!
I know when I mention this to folks the ask is going to be, "Is there an on-premise capability in the pipeline?" So... Is there?
@chrisshort A good question, Chris. Currently, there's no an on-premise capability, but it's on approach.
Awesome product name :)
Very cool. I uprising switched from using a VPS to using Amazon S3 for my backups, but if the cost goes beyond what Vobla charges I will definitely switch over. The feature list looks great.