A Vim-inspired note-taking application with Markdown

A note-taking application with Markdown, which knows programmers and Markdown better.

Built with C++ and Qt, available on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Hi @tamlok I'd love to know - what drove you to build VNote?
@abadesi Hi, I think most Markdown editors do not know Markdown well and they even treat side-by-side live preview as the advantage of their products. VNote also utilize lots of the pros of the code editors from a programmer's perspective.
302.4 MB! Isn't that too much for a note taking app?
@ozgrozer Do you mean memory usage? VNote uses `QtWebEngine`, an embedded browser, to render the HTML content. And I admit that optimization is needed. :)
@tamlok I mean size of the .app file. It's too much. What's inside of it? :) Apple's is 13.3 MB. is 133.7 MB.
@ozgrozer I think it is the `QWebEngineProcess` inside it.
Good stuff, but... Why is this better than using plain-old vim to write up an MD file and then just using a Chrome plugin, or something similar, to preview that file? Interested if there are other features that make it stand out! Keep coding!
@yoaquim I think it is the INTEGRATION, as well as MathJax and PlantUML. Check out this ![image]() for the effect of VNote's In-Place Preview. :)