Vlog Servant

Hire someone to follow you with a camera

This weekend, I was reading the comments underneath a Gary Vaynerchuk video, when I had the idea for Vlog Servant. Essentially, filmmaker David Rock (DRock) follows Gary around with a camera and makes beautiful vlogs about Gary's life and business. These videos have transformed Gary into a major Internet brand and DRock into an acclaimed filmmaker. In one of the video's comments, I noticed that commenters expressed interest both in having a DRock-like filmmaker follow them around, as well as an interest in being the DRock for other "Gary Vaynerchuks". A few hours later, I launched Vlog Servant. We already have a few filmmakers (Vlog Servants) and clients (Vlog Masters) signed up, and I'm excited to see if these kinds of connections can exist beyond just the Gary/DRock combo. And, Casey is the thumbnail because...well...vlogs