Vlipsy for Slack

Easily share your favorite reaction video clips on Slack

Vlipsy is the fastest, easiest way to search and share iconic quotes from your favorite, movies, shows, and videos on Slack. React with vlips (video clips) in your daily conversation to add more flavor to your standard Slack messages.

/vlip [search term] to send a random vlip reaction

/vlips [search phrase] to select a vlip from a list of results

  • Jason D. Luna
    Jason D. LunaCOO, Rapid RMS

    Much better than GIFs at expressing sentiment.


    Free Slack plans only allow 10 integrations. So your admin may have to upgrade to a paid plan to add Vlipsy if integrations are maxed out.

    My first inclination is to look for a Vlip to share on Slack. If the perfect one isn't available, and if I have a couple of minutes to spare, I might go to Vlipsy's website and create one. It's not that hard. Plan B is to use a GIF.

    Jason D. Luna has used this product for one month.
  • Ed Buchholz
    Ed BuchholzFounder, ExpenseBot

    Expresses my point more emphatically than gifs by including sound.


    Vlip search & selection process can be improved.

    GIFs are great, but VLIPs are even better. Slack's unfurl and media handling make stuff like this difficult to do, but I think Vlipsy is on the right track.

    Ed Buchholz has used this product for one month.
Hey Product Hunt 👋 We made Vlipsy as a way to easily share your favorite reactions as they were meant to be heard, with sound. Our team uses Slack all day, err day and after using our Slack integration internally for months, we’re now opening it up for all of you to experience how reaction video clips (vlips) are a daily communication game-changer. You can install Vlipsy for your team's Slack from the following page: https://apps.vlipsy.com/slack/ Once installed simply type in /vlip and a search term for a random vlip match or /vlips and a search term for multiple vlip options. We’d love to hear your thoughts!