VLC for Apple TV

Stream all your locally stored videos to your Apple TV

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VLC is known to be one of the best and most reliable players around. I remember fiddling with codec packs and drivers to play certain videos on my computer when I was a kid. 😁
This app will probably be a hit on Apple TV. As usual for Apple TV apps, no link but search "VLC" in the App Store. If you have already VLC on your iPad or iPhone it may appear in the purchased section. But it is currently rolling out. so let s see...
@ourielohayon indeed. VLC is now the #1 Free app in the app store. as expected
Does this work for streaming urls as well? If so, this would be massive, it not it will require those horrible old "files".
I use Plex on the Apple TV and it's amazing, so I don't see a huge need for this except for one feature; playback speed. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a mindless movie, but want to waste less than ~90 minutes watching it, so watching a movie in 1.5x or 2x speed would be awesome!
@bradenhamm Does watching a movie at 2x playback not confuse/nauseate you? Never really thought about doing that but I like the idea.
@ryanshook @bradenhamm I've done it a few times on VLC on my Mac and it was fine. I listen to all of my podcasts at 2x so I'm used to sound as well.
I'm pretty excited about using this!