VJ for your home

Experimental web app that generates trippy visuals

vj for your home is an experimental toy web app that you can use to generate trippy visuals, inspired by the battle backgrounds of EarthBound. You can also let it drive itself! Ideal for parties.
Controls might be finnicky on phone, works best on desktop!
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An idea: Sometimes I'm dj-ing as a hobby and I've always wanted similar visulas that would move synced with the beat. Can you somehow make it sync with tracks playing on Spotify or Traktor ?
@imanchev Thanks for your reply!! I am planning to build an animation system (separate from the randomization that is currently in there), so what I could do is build a BPM tapper that hooks into the animation system. This should be sufficient as long as the BPM stays relatively constant, which in my experience usually is the case for dj sets. I also want to add in some MIDI support, and if Traktor can emit a MIDI signal every beat, then you should be able to use that instead of the manual BPM tapper! Spotify in the BPM tapper scenario would be harder if the music's BPM in the playlist varies. However I'll make the BPM tapping just a button on the keyboard so someone should be able to correct it any time with at a few taps. Live beat detection from an audio stream is a pain in the ass, unfortunately.
Wish I wasn't too scared to drop acid. Fun tool to mess around with, though!
Hi Product Hunt! I made this web app to get myself more comfortable with web development (I am a Unity/C# developer) and to learn Babylon.js. I think I did alright! You can use the buttons in the top to tweak the values yourself, or you can let the application work itself. You can also upload your own textures! There's also a screenshot tool which allows you take screenshots in any resolution. I jammed (hackathonned?) this in about 55 hours (of which a significant amount was UI research which didn't end up in the final product). I'm currently refactoring the messy code so I can add some more features to it later :-). I've also written as postmortem of sorts over at Medium: https://medium.com/@sloppycombo/... Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!