Record yourself & what you see w/ your front & back cameras

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Hey everyone ! I am co-founder of Vizzy. I have a CS degree from Epitech (Paris) and I spent 8 years in China doing business before coming back in France to start Vizzy ;) Vizzy allows you to capture your environment (picture or video) then comment it. Here is an example: If you have any question I will be glad to answer ! Dam.
Vizzy is a simple video app that lets you add context to the scenes you film. You can react more easily on what you experience and give people a better understanding of what you see. From product feedback, video tutorials to just sharing your reaction to the goal of your favorite soccer team, I see many interesting uses for the app !
It's not so much "at the same time" as it is just sequentially shooting videos from both sides.
@bitario That's right, I noticed it as soon as I heard we were on producthunt, yet I can't change it. Technically it's not possible to capture from both cameras at the same time.
This is brilliant. Adds a personal touch to videos...I see many use cases. If i click on a video it should keep it playing though I think, kind of annoying that I have to keep my cursor hovering over the videos.
@siddygups Thanks for the feedback ! Glad you love it. I noticed the same point earlier today, I will implement that ASAP ;)
Whats on the roadmap? Any thoughts on embeds?
@siddygups We want to keep making Vizzy better. We are thinking about embedding tierce-content (screenshots, photos, videos, news, etc) as the background content and let people comment whatever they want. What are you thinking about ?