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Get your creative juices flowing and impress people with unique tech, business, sports or fun facts. Find your daily grind of educational and inspirational visuals on Vizpresso!
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Hey folks! We're happy to announce the birth of Vizpresso by Piktochart, the most pleasing way to consume interesting facts and news in your daily grind. Just like reading a newspaper while sipping a coffee, Vizpresso is a new hub where you can find fresh visuals each day with uncommon and unique tech, business, sports or fun facts. โ€‹ Vizpresso marries information and creativity; facts and fun โ€“ all in the form of visual storytelling. Yes, we want to educate and entertain but mostly we want to inspire you. Thatโ€™s why you can easily share the visuals on social media or edit to make it your own version on Piktochart. โ€‹ Give it a shot (โ˜•๏ธ) and I'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts!
@wilson_moy Absolutely love it! great job! Any Thoughts to adding feature that lets you customize it so that only topics the user selects shows up on the home page?
@wilson_moy Hey! Just wondering, how do you select infographics for Vizpresso? If you create one within Piktochart, how do you export it to share on Vizpresso?
@nathan_cusack Hey Nathan, thanks for the feedback! Yes, that feature is possible now and you can do that by clicking on your selected topic on the home page, which would only show you the visuals related to your selected topic :)
@morgan_lindy Hey Morgan! Currently, the visuals you select on Vizpresso will lead you to create that specific template on Piktochart. If you'd like to create infographics on Piktochart, you'll be able to access that on your dashboard ( and view all the available formats such as infographic, presentation, poster, report, and flyer. Hope that answers your question!
@wilson_moy Hi Wilson! I appreciate the response. I guess I was wondering how it was possible (if it is possible) to share the infographics created on Vizpresso, as it seems like a sort of network to share assets like that.
@wilson_moy Where do the facts/stats/info come from?
@douglasfranklin Hey Douglas, our team gets the facts and stats from various sources on the web. If you click on a particular visual (e.g:, we've credited to the source on the page itself.