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Hey there everybody! I am thrilled to have Vizo on Product Hunt today. My name is Gillis and I am the CEO and co-founder of Vizo. Here’s my pitch, 43 re-writes and edits later... We believe everyone should stay updated on trending news stories, and be able to do it quickly and easily. With Vizo News you'll know what's happening in your world in the time it takes to order a cup of coffee! All real news, always! Vizo reads the news for you. We replace headlines with images, our writers summarize each trending story into a Glance, and then we link you to a variety of full-length sources. Our mission is to bridge the gap between a hard-to-engage millennial generation and traditional news content. Isn't it time that someone gave you the news the way you want to read it? Vizo: Your World At A Glance. Next.
Hey - Cool app. I see you can pick categories of interest. Do you have any algorithms in place to deliver curated content based on what I've spent time on in the past? Plans for that in the future?
@mrjasongrad Hey Jason -- We have learning capabilities that are in the process of being implemented as we speak! Our goal is to save you as much time as possible by showing you the stories you want to see most, as based on your past reading history and what other people like you are reading.
Great news summaries...very evocative of Summly (acquired by yahoo)...great way to consume news. the image tinkering is annoying - turn it black/white then dashing color.
@garywmendel Gary, thanks for the kind words and feedback! You're suggesting the homepage is all B&W and then Full Glance has the color splashed image?
@gillis_baxter sometimes the color splashed image seems gimmicky. not always tho.