Add quizzes and polls to your embedded videos

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Kinda blown away here -- even though this came out of @TeachableHQ, most of the company had nothing to do with it as it was a hack week project built by just 5 people in 4 days. Unreal + super proud of these guys.
@ankurnagpal @teachablehq Neat! I would love to see this integrate with videos in Teachable!
@noahpryor @ankurnagpal @teachablehq This is getting me super excited!
Very cool! Also, fun fact: "vizia" in Greek means boobs
This looks very interesting! Basically, it's an embed interface with added features. What types of video content does it work with? Just YouTube or Wistia and Vimeo as well?
@johnrmeese Just YouTube for now! But if people find the product useful, we'd love to add Wistia and Vimeo.
@sidyadav Thanks for the info! Would love to see a live example of a video using Vizia on the home page (before opting in).
Simple and quite demanded feature + neat impletmentation. Hope the product grows.
Absolutely love the concept- especially as it relates to our student users at Is it possible to do more than quizzes? Would a teacher be able to assign a video that contains their notes on the content? Does the "poll" function work with a live feed?