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Ankur Nagpal — Founder, Teachable
Kinda blown away here -- even though this came out of @TeachableHQ, most of the company had nothing to do with it as it was a hack week project built by just 5 people in 4 days.

Unreal + super proud of these guys.
Neal Samudre — Creator of Essential Hustle
@ankurnagpal @teachablehq Neat! I would love to see this integrate with videos in Teachable!
Noah Pryor — CTO @ Teachable
@nealsamudre @ankurnagpal @teachablehq We'd love to integrate it :)
Neal Samudre — Creator of Essential Hustle
@noahpryor @ankurnagpal @teachablehq This is getting me super excited!
Kristofer™ — Founder @ Lamplighter Labs
Very cool!

Also, fun fact: "vizia" in Greek means boobs
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