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PrukalpaMaker@prukalpa · Cofounder, SocialCops
Hi hunters, My name is Prukalpa - I'm the cofounder of SocialCops ( We're a mission driven data company. Today, we're launching a tool called Viz ( which allows anyone to build beautiful maps. Simply upload your data, choose a template & click publish. Viz takes inspiration from Instagram - the only tool that allows the most terrible of photographers (like me) to choose from a set of preset templates that would almost surely make my photos look good. We wanted to allow anybody to represent data. Our mission at SocialCops has always been to democratize data and make data open & accessible. I would be grateful if you checked out the tool & gave us feedback! P.S: We even added the Westeros map from GoT for fun ;) Have fun!
Adit Gupta@aditsgupta · Lead Designer @housing & @getSkim
Hey @Prukalpa, I think I found another app on PH which kinda converts your data to simple Mobile graphs. Check it
Adit Gupta@aditsgupta · Lead Designer @housing & @getSkim
@aditsgupta And its also called "Viz" BTW.. :)
PrukalpaMaker@prukalpa · Cofounder, SocialCops
@aditsgupta Thanks! Yes - I saw the pdt today! Was surprised it was called Viz! :| We're focusing on maps - you'll soon see district maps & even village maps on the tool :-)