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Huge, untouched market with a tremendous founder --- and some GREAT tech building up the platform that drives this business.
Killer founder, obvious business problem, simple solution. What else could you want from a startup? #NeedMoreOfThis
Great product, super attractive economics.
I've seen a lot of promotion through Instagram influencers and celebrity offspring by Bellami Hair, but I like that this is geared more toward WoC. I think the UX needs quite a bit of improvement. It's weird to not be able to scroll down on a page, it's weird that their product page so similar to the homepage. And it wasn't explicitly clear that I needed to hover over images to see the pricing - which seems to be v reasonable.
Actually this is a rather saturated market that is subject to commodity pricing and I don't see how this company is at all innovating. Margins used to be good in hair extensions but that has changed, so even the economics are not very attractive.
Oh, and the product looks lousy... If you want to see best in class check out www.luxyhair.comb