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CBonello@cvbonello · Co-Founder, Grand Central Tech
Huge, untouched market with a tremendous founder --- and some GREAT tech building up the platform that drives this business.
Jourdan Urbach@jourdanurbach · CTO, Ocho
Killer founder, obvious business problem, simple solution. What else could you want from a startup? #NeedMoreOfThis
Jocelyn LeavittHiring@jocelynleavitt · CoFounder + CEO, Hopscotch
Great product, super attractive economics.
Tori Bunte@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
I've seen a lot of promotion through Instagram influencers and celebrity offspring by Bellami Hair, but I like that this is geared more toward WoC. I think the UX needs quite a bit of improvement. It's weird to not be able to scroll down on a page, it's weird that their product page so similar to the homepage. And it wasn't explicitly clear that I needed to hover over images to see the pricing - which seems to be v reasonable.
Guy Gal@deleted-6211 · Growth at Joyus
Actually this is a rather saturated market that is subject to commodity pricing and I don't see how this company is at all innovating. Margins used to be good in hair extensions but that has changed, so even the economics are not very attractive.
Guy Gal@deleted-6211 · Growth at Joyus
Oh, and the product looks lousy... If you want to see best in class check out www.luxyhair.comb