VixT on Telegram

This bot turns your texts into videos.

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Hi everyone! Our team of five. We are creators of VixT app (it turns your texts into videomashup Now we are so excited to tell you dear fellow hunters that VixT is working now as a bot. First on Telegram. This Telegram Messenger bot can help you communicate through mashup videos. It works automatically. Just open any of your chats in Telegram and type @vixtbot something in the message field. Then tap on a result to send. For example, try typing @vixtbot hello check this out. This bot is using videos from the VixT global library. If you want to use your own videos you can download the VixT app from App Store or Google Play for FREE. Just click here: The global library is growing by the users (hopefully you too) so if you are missing a word, don't worry just record it with the app and upload it to the global library. Let us know what you think! We appreciate every feedback!