Video-mashup from text!

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Hi hunters, we started to work on this app almost 2 years ago and we published it few months ago. Free on App Store & Google Play. It's five guys over here, not sleeping much but try to spread the words about this pretty cool app. You can use it for fun or content marketing, but you will figure it out because you are smart people. VixT – simple video editing and mashups from text Create, edit and share video mashups with your friends. VixT automatically converts your text into epic video montages (mashups) in seconds. VixT allows you to record and edit videos on your mobile with ease. Videos can be easily shared across all popular social media and instant messaging services. You can build your own personal video library or use videos from VixT users around the world. Creating a fun, interactive, original video has never been easier. WHY USE VixT: • SPEED - create and edit videos in seconds with VixT • CREATIVITY – unleash your creativity and turn yourself and the world around you into VixT words • EXPRESSION - there are no better emoji than a real face to show real feelings • COMMUNITY – join VixT users around the world and share new videos for words in all languages • FREE – there are no subscription or hidden fees When you type words in VixT the app analyses thousands of videos hosted in our library to generate a video montage. They are generated by the other users as anybody can give their creations to the public. Having the best party ever with your friends? Record a quick VixT video together shouting ‘PARTY!’ and next time when you want to invite them to go crazy again you will have the visual way to express yourself. Additional VixT features are on the way! The global library is growing by the users (hopefully you too) so if you are missing a word, don't worry just record it with the app and upload it to the global library. Let us know what you think! We appreciate every feedback but be nice because we are very sensitive. :P :-))))
This if fun! I appreciate that the end user doesn't need the app to receive -- it sends a video directly. I can't find an easy way to delete a messages I've already typed in, so I have to backspace over it. That's a bit annoying. Am I missing an easier method?
@zefareu on IOS you just simply slide from right to left on the textfield (like you would clean the screen ;-) On android version this cleqning will added soon, now its either select all and backspace or just backspace all the way. As I said . Swipe cleaning is coming on android soon.
I've been repeatedly unable to record video. Crashes every time. I'm on Android, and this is happening even after restarting the phone.
@zefareu depends on your phone, there is many Android versions, etc. What kind of phone do you have?
@zefareu I have a feeling that you are using vixt under the name Zefareu Privatis. / It looks that your phone is a tricky one. Your device doesn't want to give data about itself ( Android version, camera resolution, device manufacturer etc. ) So it looks maybe you denied / restricted some functions... Anyway. Thanks for your feedback we made some changes, the update is coming soon.