Augmented Reality movie maker

Vixeo is an awesome new App that allows you to create movies with Augmented Reality Characters and elements while you direct them with a neat joystick feature! Add animations on the fly and share with your friends!! Who needs a Green Screen to mix Real People with CGI Characters when you have an App like this one!? :D

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Haim Bendanan
Software Engineer, Microsoft
Big thanks to @eddieiskl for the hunt ! The goal of this app is to let anyone create content with virtual characters. By using augmented reality, you don't need complex software anymore to achieve this task. Children are already using the app and are creating content they could not create before. In fact, most of the clips in the promo trailers were recorded by a 10 years old boy! I am having a lot of fun working on this and I think that it can be a game changer for people with no background in movie editing. The next version will include downloadable content, so the app size will be much smaller. My plan for the future is to add better social integration and more complex characters and animations. Here are some additional mini movies uploaded by users:
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