The most portable tripod ever for all of your devices.

#5 Product of the DayOctober 09, 2017

Vixari is an alternative for the actual products on the market which are heavy, hard to carry around and most of them support one device. Using a selfie stick issmetimes an option but they limit you to the close angle shots and unnatural pose. For the pasionate traveler and the storytellers, we created Vixari: sleek, light and comfortable to carry.

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Wow what a beautiful choice of gallery picture. Such amazing beauty. Just LOOK at that tripod!
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@theashtube Where? I don't see a tripod anywhere....
As a person who has purchased TWO tripods this year alone, i cannot wait to buy a third. This is gd awesome.
@tristajaye Did you end up buying this? If so, how was it? A quick review would be great. Looking to buy it. Thanks!
@joshuapinter I actually did buy it, and it never shipped........ :/
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#Vixari is such a cool prototype project. I wish nothing but the best to this team. Looking forward to testing it.
I would like to know more infor on this. How much will it cost? The structure doesn't look very tough, does it?
@andredalbuq You should subscribe on their website and you will be notified when the product is launched. After you subscribe you will get a link to their FB group so you can ask more details there.
@andredalbuq @andrei_olariu Huh? Mind just putting the info here? Pretty frustrating - I don't want to give more info just to get some basic details about the project.
@andrei_olariu @nickabouzeid I kind of just want information on price and sturdiness. Because the product itself seems interesting, and I want to buy one, but need information on price, shipping prices and all that jazz
@andredalbuq @nickabouzeid Unfortunately I don't have this details, but I talked with the Makers and they told me that they will sign up on ProductHunt in order to answer all of your questions for this product.
Interesting prototype! The tripod market definitely needs an innovation like this. I'm not able to signup on their website. I've checked and found out that the signup API fails. Can someone notify the makers?
@naveen_99 can you share more details? Some screenshots? Thanks