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Vivv is the latest product from the AOL Alpha team. This unique technology (being able to isolate colors in real-time and for video) came from the minds of one of our amazing developers. We are excited to have you try it out and let us know what you think!
Looks like a decent app... but with so much competition in this space, what is the big differentiator to getting people hooked?
@bentossell Hey Ben! Thanks for the kind words. We think there a few interesting differentiators: - Where most apps let you iso colors after the image is taken, Vivv allows you to do it in real-time, when the image is being taken. - The team has created a number of filters to use on top of the color isolation tools - Most interesting is the ability to iso colors in videos. From what we can tell, Vivv one of the first products to allow this for video There are definitely a lot of great apps that do similar things to Vivv, but we think that we have taken this to a new level. Love any additional feedback you may have!
@drewtodd01 Interesting Drew...I'd love to hear the reasoning behind some of the market validation you and your team discovered while testing this with beta testers. Working on Audrey we noticed that their is a completely linear lifecycle when looked at with time between curation of images and what you would be focusing on which is the editing/creativity flow. I haven't seen a large group of the majority evolve into wanting to spend considerably more time in the image creation space to do specific editing like this...the end goal isn't better photographic elements so why wouldn't this be robustly implemented in another flow. Meaning there are issues we already know people are having in the image creation space today but they don't resolve around isolating colors and so on...were an overwhelming group of people in your tests finding it difficult to be creative in this specific way? There is always the story of what we believe people deserve and what we want to give them vs what normal humans are demanding culturally and apart of their own generation that is in many ways outside even our own understanding or personal preferences. I love the robust engineering feat of this but if it doesn't solve a major issue for a huge number of people who've been struggling with this I don't see the point...perhaps you can illuminate me a bit.
@nicholassheriff @bentossell Hey Nicholas, thanks so much for the questions! TBH, this was an idea that came from one of our developers (Awais Choudary) and evolved into a simple skunkworks project. We have been working on doing very quick releases with minimal overhead to get MVPs quickly to market. Our hope is that we can release the product and do our market validation live, as even when we do user research and beta testing, things often don't bear out in the way they did in small groups. That said, I do think we are introducing a user flow that is new. We are super interested if this is something that will make sense to users, especially in terms of video where editing can happen more on the fly. This is a definitely a great discussion though. Would love to keep the dialogue going and share what we find.
@drewtodd01 That makes perfect sense Drew and yes I can see the value around what this technologically can be for users when shooting video on a mobile device. Simply because of how videos are curated and the time in which a user is still creating a video as suppose to snapping a photo in seconds...this sounds great. Would love to collaborate with you guys if you ever needed a fresh pair of eyes for a new perspective on things. Here is our Apple featured app ( featured by Apple for 3 months now ) Are you guys based in San Francisco?
Nice app! I like how it doesn't try to include a social network like most new camera apps. I can see myself using this a lot. You can see my review over at App Recap -